Employees Struggle To Balance Work And Care

Over a third of employers have reported a rise in absences due to employees caring duties even though overall absences have dropped, a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Simplyhealth has shown.

The CIPD hopes the research will encourage employers to provide formal policies to help workers cope with their responsibilities, and create further discussion about flexible working hours.
CIPD research adviser Jill Miller, comments: “If you allow people to work more flexibly, you can hang on to talent…It’s proven that flexible working can improve engagement and productivity in the workforce.”

Currently, only one in 6 businesses has a formal system for helping staff juggle caring responsibilities and work, and just 2 in 5 offer access to counselling services, despite 40% of employers reporting an increase in stress and mental health problems in the workplace.
Carers UK estimates that 3 million people have to balance their job and caring for a loved one, costing businesses £3.5bn.

Under current legislation, all employees have the right to request flexible working hours.
If you are paying, or have paid, for care that you believe should be provided by the NHS, give My Care Claim a call. Our friendly experts will assess your situation and let you know if you are entitled to reclaim the money back.

Equally, if you are having issues with your employer about flexible working and other employee rights, contact OpenDoor to discuss your circumstances and outline the possible action you could take.

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