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Plevin case wins in court

What is Plevin and what does it mean for your PPI claim?

If you’ve read anything about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) recently, you’ve probably seen the word Plevin mentioned. You might already know that Plevin is set to have a big effect…

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The PPI deadline is on August 29 2019.

PPI deadline in 2019: Find out how long you’ve got left

You might have been thinking about claiming mis-sold PPI but just put it off – maybe you didn’t have the time or don’t think you’ll qualify. Well, if you want to…

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Harrington Brooks is granted full authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority

OpenDoor, the legal services arm of the One Advice Group, is pleased to announce that the Group’s specialist debt management firm, Harrington Brooks, has been given the regulatory green light…

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