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PPI Deadline Set By The FCA With The Help Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Final PPI claim deadline set by the FCA – and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Did you know that the majority of people mis-sold payment protection insurance may not yet have made a claim? And that the banks have over £10bn still set aside to pay…

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Plevin case wins in court

What is Plevin and what does it mean for your PPI claim?

If you’ve read anything about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) recently, you’ve probably seen the word Plevin mentioned. You might already know that Plevin is set to have a big effect…

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The PPI deadline is on August 29 2019.

PPI deadline in 2019: Find out how long you’ve got left

You might have been thinking about claiming mis-sold PPI but just put it off – maybe you didn’t have the time or don’t think you’ll qualify. Well, if you want to…

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